Monday, March 09, 2009

Tucson training/ racing camp day 3.

The last day of racing...
Ahh what we'll do for 30 bucks...

The circuit race today was… snappy. The 5 mile loop had some fast big ring climbs a sharp 6% section at the top and some long sweeping down hills. The slight head wind on the down hill section made it very hard for a break to make it. But we still tried. Allot!
I followed several moves that looked good, bridged to one and made a big late race effort with 2 other riders. Nothing made it today but the pace was high enough that several riders did get dropped. Nick also made a fine move with 2 laps to go but again it was brought back.
Everyone stayed up right and the top 3 today were all placed close to me. After the respective time bonuses I fell back to 10th on GC. I was a bit disappointed at first but I did everything I could have done. It was simply bad luck that 2 rides directly behind me on GC scored time bonuses. And with the down hill right hander before the finishing straight I was not going to elbow into that in the full pack.
The legs felt better today and I felt good about my tenth place and my activity. A solid TT effort, 50+ miles in the breakaway on day 2 and lots of attacking on the last day.
Now we are trying to figure out how to ride mt lemon and get back before 1pm.
25 mile climb at 260 watts, 4.3 % grade, plus the decent, it’s a 50 minute drive…
I need some more food, my head hurts. More pics and vids to come!!

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