Monday, January 22, 2007

Winter training in full affect

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This is what many of my rides have looked like since… ahhh November!
But all is moving along pretty well. The cross bike and tires have defiantly paid off. I can ride almost any time in any conditions. When the roads are real bad I head to the dirt roads (or snow roads in this case) add in some X-country skiing and this year some more down hill skiing. I grew up down hill skiing but haven’t really been hitting that hard in the past years. But with places like copper, winter park and Vail so close it would be a sin not to.
Which brings me to a quick note on Cross Training. Cross training is something other than your primary sport(s) that works areas, skills and or weakness that may not be primary to success but will help.
Cross training is also something that, like all training, must be consistent! Going hiking one weekend over the winter ravaging your legs, making your lower back and hip flexors feel like veal is NOT cross training. You don’t have to be a master at this activity but just effective enough to get positive training effect. Not injury your self , be able to repeate once a week or more and of course not take away from your primary sport training.
Jan newsletter from PTS is up and always full of good stuff. Also an article by yours truly.

Happy training!