Sunday, February 26, 2012

Coaching Sponsorship Application

We are now taking applications for a fully sponsored athlete.
We are looking for an athlete that shows class and professional stature at races, in training and everywhere in life. Someone who is looking to excel to the top of there sport and reach for the best there bodies and minds have to offer. This athlete will receive One on One coaching and have access to all our sponsors and partners.
Add the best resources possible to reach your goals!

The application is here:
please fill out, return to us and contact us for a phone or in person meeting.

EK Endurance Coaching Partners.
Infinit Nutrition.
Rocket Science Sports
Breeze Bars

Local Colorado Sponsors.
Releaf Therapy, Massage and PT:
Denver fit loft:
Allergy Solutions:
Boulder Performance Lab:

Friday, February 17, 2012

What I'm Not doing...

So much "stuff" going on these days. so many quick posts on facebook and twitter, quick one liners, and "you simply do this" or our group does or does not do that. while I enjoy facebook it seems that this one liner society is making its way into sports and into coaching. People like the simple one liner. They want it to be easy. take any news headline. go ahead. go to CNN. read a headline. then read the whole article, twice. not what you had thought, right...

~"Just focus on your base"
~ "We don't swim in the winter"
~ "Just increase your threshold"
blah blah blah.

If you realy subscribe to this or anything like this you are taking the easy way out.
every question that i get about training/ prepairing for a race or event normally has the same answer. or it at least starts the same way. "It depends..." and its 100% true. because training and preparation starts with YOU the athlete not the race. you know those coaches you don't hear about all that much. the ones without the 300 person "team" or system. those are the people that get it. heard of Neil Henderson? maybe you have, maybe not. want to hire him as a coach? get in line. behind dozens of Pro athletes that know whats up.

So instead of telling you waht BS new fandangled idea i have been cooking up that is sure to draw attention here's what I have NOT been doing.

  • I have not been doing anything ALL the time. there is no one sch.

  • I have not been cross training, its just "working out"

  • I have not been making videos about "shit cyclist or triathletes say"

  • I have not been p0sting about lance Armstrong, or making a videos about what someone else thinks about Lance and his return to triathlon. realy? you think people care about what someone else thinks, about someone else... WTF??

  • I'm not makeing my own version of a viral videos or picture.

  • I am not taking ideas from another coach and writing an article about the same idea and giving the workout a different fancy name and calling it my own. yeah that just happened.

  • My busness is not a "system" the athlete is the system i'm just in the pit crew.

  • I am not selling out any one or any thing because the media says "our sources say..."

  • I am not going to believe something because its easy, simple and i can wrap my head around it.

  • I am not going to post our new training pyramid or long course triathlon threshold self profile. for one I need a shorter name, two if you want to know how to use the later or see the prior, come join our "team".

  • i'm not going to "tag" this post with anything, not "Ironman" no "Lance", "free training plan" you can share it with your friends or post it on FB, twitter, 6 square or what ever the hell is the new thing is.

  • and as you have likely noticed i'm not spell checking this. i barely have time, check that dont' have time, to even write this. so deal. i'm sure you can figure out what "teh" is...

Now I have been doing something. many things in fact.

  • I have been training my ass off. contrary to what some think i am not "gifted". I train the way I coach because it works. I do NOT coach the way I train because I am fast.

  • I have been FEELING music instead of just listening to it.

  • I have been learning. lots of new research in training and adaptation. learning from myself, my athletes and from recent studies.

  • working harder to give my athletes more of my time. whether its direct contact or simply me checking in on there training log more often.

  • putting ideas down on paper. the long course threshold profile and the training pyramid. neither are perfect, but they are a a new way of thinking and looking at the way we plan and the way an athlete see's themselves. both very important things in my mind. neither has teh word "base" or "intervals" on it.

  • giving people the benefit of the doubt. they guy tailgating you on your way to work. what ever... you have never done that? ever?

there is no one way. take 2 athletes. lets even say that they are clones and doing the same race. are they going to train the same? likely not. why? well lets look at their background, the resources and most of all their goals at said race. your amateur may the same genetic ability as Mark Cavendish or Craig Alexander but their background is likly different, and 95% of the amateurs out there have jobs, lives, etc. they can't train 30 hr's and week and spend another 10 a week with extra recovery time. massage, ice bath, eating right, sleeping 10+ hr's a day etc. and i haven't even got into the experience side of things...

Nothing is as simple as it seems. If something, Anything, looks like it is... be suspicious...

Here's to being more aware. trusting but cautious, saying yes more, trying new things, seeing new things and old things throgh to teh end, seeing old things in a different way, staying true to your self and true to the people and things that realy matter in your life.

what ever you do this weekend... Crush it!