Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Training and Love

nothing major to report.

Training has been… difficult to say the least. Even with the blessing of having plenty of time to train, sometimes mother nature just keeps throwing you curving balls. Last week, my easy week, was beautiful, full of sunshine and enough warmth to finally melt down the glacier on my street. Great weekend of riding, can’t complain there. The group rides are kicking up again and it was still warm. So back to the grind of tiring to get in 20 QUALITY hours and BAM! 15 degrees and some snow. It could have made anyone sit on the trainer for an agonizing hour.


Today is when I realized that I will be successful in my cycling quest. The reason is because I love this. This is a picture of my ride today. The picture is alittle it was brighter than that. Not far from where I live is “Marshal Mesa”. Not a huge area but big enough to keep me and my cross bike busy for 90’. Then off to a climb near my house to push out my strength intervals, back around a little loop with a few more minutes of dirt and I was home. A nice quality 3hours. And best of all, I loved it! Tomorrow will be even better I’m sure

You have to love what you do or you’ll never be great at it. Make ends meet, sure. You may have even won a race or two but you will never get to your full potential if you are constantly fighting your self.


fell free to send me an e-mail on anything that I have for sale if you have questions. I also have more stuff that isn't up right now, clothes, winter jackets, etc..

Pedals. I have another pair too!