Wednesday, June 18, 2008

RAAm up date

Is case you have been sleeping, unlike our man Tim below, I’ll give the quick run down.
Tim has over come trouble with his crew, rain storms, sever wind, a case of saddle soars that brought on bad knee pain and had him doing a pedal, pedal coast for almost a full day! forcing him to almost pull out of the race.
After some TLC a new saddle, check out the web site for that, he is feeling better and riding strong again. 3 people have already pulled out in the men’s solo category, due to injury or accident!
Keep plugging away Tim! Never give up!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Client starts RAAm

Client and friend Tim Case has started the 2008 RAAm. The Race Across America is his number one goal of the year. Could you imagine doing it as a C race? I guess not… Keep up with his progress HERE on the RAAm web site and his site HERE.
When you to bed tonight send him a prayer as he’ll need it riding through the night, barely sleeping for 7 days or so!

Tim is a full time fire fighter in Boulder, CO. his sch. is all but normal. Working 24 hour shifts every other day makes for an interesting training plan. This was hard to over come but his focus and determination were of the highest I have ever seen. I except to see good things from him!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Another Client report

I can't keep up... With so many clients kicking butt! Think I need to start drinking even more of my own kool aid!?!

This past weekend Client and friend Dan Schutez moved into a break away early in the very windy, 78 miles Hugo RR. His rivals dwindled and he roared to the line for a great second place finish over coming cramps in his left leg that kept him from getting out of the saddle for the final sprint! With his confidence hi he awoke Sunday morning and put the hurt on again in down town Denver with another second place! Nice work Dan! After a frustrating start to his road season his legs are coming around. He is now a cat 2 and will be racing with the big boys!! Dan trains and competes for cross country ski racing all winter. His impressive results are proof that he is a man of many talents and much determination.
We will now be working on Dan’s sprint…