Monday, October 23, 2006

lots More cross

Boulder series #3 in the bank and still improving.
read about the huge error made before the race even started
in the race reports soon.
hopfully some pics as well?


Boulder cyclocross series # 2 in the tank. check out the race report!

the race wasn't this crazy but it was still a cross race.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Giving Props

Since my cyclo cross races are few, far between and not very exciting I figure its a good time to give some prop's to some others who are in the mix right now.
Patrick McCrann founder of PTS, and totally Bad As** Ironman tri guy, qualified for the big dance in Kona. Check out his race reports and other findings here.

and keep up with all the athletes here.

This weekend everyone!!

And, friend and new training partner Chuck Coyle is headed way down to Kiwi land for 6 days and 10 stages in the pain cage. Brutally windy courses, sharp finishing climbs and the weight of having a favorite on there team to win the over-all classification should make for an interesting week of road racing! Stay tuned for more on his trip coming soon!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


View from the cabin porch!!

It has been time for some relaxing this past week or so.
training has been low with fun and football being on the high side.
we have been taking advatage of fall caming into town. It's my favorit time of year.
we got way out of town that past weekend to a friends cabin well north west of Steamboat Springs. Serious cowboy country

Did some hiking, lots of eating, relaxing and one serious game of Monopoly that took us through a case of beer and saw us to around 3am.

Hike upto 10,000 feet on mt. Han.
an old mining area. lots of mine shafts and old sleeping huts.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

First X

Technicly I have done a cross race before. on the mt bike when i was a cat four. So lets say that today was my first one. It went like... one would think it would go for someone who has weakness that define cyclocross.
One soar calf, banged up knee and a charlie horse later I finished.
check out the race report!