Tuesday, October 10, 2006


View from the cabin porch!!

It has been time for some relaxing this past week or so.
training has been low with fun and football being on the high side.
we have been taking advatage of fall caming into town. It's my favorit time of year.
we got way out of town that past weekend to a friends cabin well north west of Steamboat Springs. Serious cowboy country

Did some hiking, lots of eating, relaxing and one serious game of Monopoly that took us through a case of beer and saw us to around 3am.

Hike upto 10,000 feet on mt. Han.
an old mining area. lots of mine shafts and old sleeping huts.

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gwadzilla said...

I never thought of having several blogs and linking to each like having a web page with different pages

no doy!

I could have a pictures page
an advocacy page
a rants page
a race reports page