Sunday, March 08, 2009

day 2 re-dux.

breakfast Belgian style!


pre-race tunes:


post-race: the "wheel scuffle"

The road race to day was pretty solid racing I must say. I very smartly attacked in a perfect spot at the perfect time early and we had a nice break going. The issue was that there where only 3 of us and no one from the 2 larger teams. The wind got tough but we gave it out all. after 50 mile or so we were caught. Some counters went. Nick covered, then, after a little sitting in to recover, I went to work trying to keep things together for the sprint. Nick has been racing at the new velodrome in Boulder and while this was our first race I thought he could put it together and nock out a good finishing kick. The attacks were fierce and the speed very high in the last 7 miles or so.
Group after group would get 50 meters and it was devastatingly hard for me to turn the speed necessary to close the gaps. With 3K to go we had it all together again and the sprint was on. Nick got into perfect position coming through the last turn, 3 wheel 150 meters to go. a slight cramp cost him 2 or 3 spots but still had the finish in his sights. Then a touch of wheels brought 3 riders down. As Nick maneuvered around them, wheels locked, he was hit from behind and our stage placings when with him.
He is OK, a few scrapes but pretty minor all in all.
We raced well. Sometimes things don’t go your way. he racing was good. Aggressive, smart, positive, hard racing. And we did what we set out to do, be factors and ride hard.
I moved up to 8th on GC after some crashes and maybe people getting dropped? Not sure.
So we have some work to do. Should be another tough one.

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