Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tucson stage race, day 1

funny sign on our drive...

The TT today was great. Some windy conditions but at 8 minutes it gona hurt no matter what. I posted a 7:52 which was good for 12th place. I felt good and judging from my time, the wind and my pre ride in the morning at an upper threshold wattage I would estimate I did between 370-380 watts for the race effort. not a bad effort for my self.
With this being our first race of the year and being so far from our local scene we realy didn't know what to except. One thing is for sure the So-Cal and local boys came to play!With a short TT the times are close. 2 others riders has the same time as I did! At 12th I am 37 sec. form the leader and Nick is at 1’ mid pack. We imagine that everyone will be racing to win tomorrow. There’s no doubt it will be a tough one!
Pre race Nick was kick’n the NIN and fatboy Slim trying to get some samples up. how do I up load audio files??

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