Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tucson training/ racing camp, day 4 training

great training ride today. some nice dirt roads.

A few great climbs. I had a vid of one but my phone doesn't want to send it.

the turn to the last leg buster of the day. great views!

Stopped a supper sketchy burrito place on way home. 2pm. really hungry. people were very nice, hooked me up with some local fare. it rocked! best burrito ever!
Great ride today, only 70 degrees, pretty relaxed, stopped for water. Here are some stats. If you would like to see the file e-mail me. I’ll send it out. If I get a lot of interest I’ll post it. Its nothing special but here are some basic stats for you.
As you will see the shorter powers are pretty low. our rides are now shifted to longer steady riding. Tempo to threshold on the hills, trading steady, zone 2-3 pulls on the flats. This puts training stress on different systems then the racing we did. Further more it emphasizes putting out good (long, 30’+) power after being fatigued, like one experiences at a big stage race like the tour of the Gila. Riding in this manner is also the “easiest” way to rack up the kj’s . keeping zero watts and lactate producing efforts to a minimum.
We had some coasting time and the dirt road decent which lowered our kj’s per hour quite a bit. But it is not uncommon for many athletes to get 700-900 kilojoules per hour with very minimal fatigue!

2850 kj’s
75 miles
Peak power:
5” ~577
1’ ~402
5’ ~370
30’ ~230

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