Monday, March 30, 2009

client update

With the deluge of snow we received Thursday the legendary Koppenburg RR was postponed in Boulder, co. sad just but it would have been ugly! So like the 70-80 other people on the group ride myself and a few EK Endurance Coaching athletes hit turned our legs in fury for a few hours!
After the ride we re-filled with water and hit a local climb. steep, 30’ long or so and through down. A huge and fun day of training. This picture of Chris Carr who was putting on his (I feel fine) face despite having 3+ hours and 2500 kj’s in his legs…

Before we hit the climb I gave everyone there goal avg. watts to hit.
And I was very happy to se that everyone nailed it. Nice work everyone
I tock a great pic at the top. Great views and some not so great looking faces, but it didn’t come out. I mistakenly put myself in the picture and think I broke the camera with my ugly mug!
Happy training everyone!

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