Thursday, June 01, 2006

Last Days

I am here for my last few days on the east cost. I am back at the secret training local that I mentioned a while back. I figured that it will be a some time before I see the ocean again so I should get my fill. And I am. My buddy and I went to the local diner for lunch. Haddock burgers! The best in the world! While we were there a scruffy fisherman came in sat down at the “liars table”? Not sure what that’s all about… made some chit chat with the waitress, they know each other as everyone does in this town, and then he ordered his lunch.
“I’ll have a buuuga’r” in a deepest downeast Maine drawl you can imagine.
“What kinda buugar you want Harry?”
“ I don’t caaare , just a plan burga’r, a hamburger”
“how do you want it cooked?” she asked”
“ahhh… regular”
Again insert the deep Maine drawl. If you don’t know what this sounds like put 4 marbles in your month and talk that should give you a good reference. He had that look about him. Rough, tough man. Carved out of wood and shaped by the sea. He had that 1000 yard stare that pierced through the diner. What ever he was lookin at I couldn’t see it. I don’t think anyone could. Things are simple here. That’s why I love it. Only here can you ask a man how he met his wife and in 5 minutes your hearing about how the Danish water polo national team was in this bar in Prague and saved my but from a fight right before … it goes on. They like there stories here in Maine so if your ever way Downeast be careful what you inquire about. It might be a few bottles of scotch before the night is done.
Lets back up. Moving. Yes I am out. I have been talking about moving to CO ever since I moved to Boston. Now I finally have the chance to go and… it is scaring the fu&% out of me. I have been here for 8 yrs. Loved, lost, been found, been to heaven and hell and I am kind of attached. Things are also going very well. My job, the cycling team, where I live. I guess its kind of like that Seinfeld episode. “Quit while your ahead” where as soon as George said something funny or did something good he would leave. He didn’t want to blow it. Well… its not quite like that but I have a great opportunity my parents are retired and will be able to visit a lot. Opportunity doesn’t happen. It doesn’t hit you in the head you have to go get it.
I will be back for some big races throughout the summer, to see clients and meet with new ones but home base is defiantly changing. I am excited. Big time.

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