Sunday, June 25, 2006

Into Thin Air

When I was a cat 4 I went to a race with a teammate/ friend of mine that was a good 3+ hours away. We got up early, had coffee on the road, made sure we ate enough, did the whole thing. We had a good race and a good time. There is more than just racing. The friends, the adventure, teammates, etc. when we where leaving we were talking to a guy that raced in our race. He drove out there all by him self, raced, and was now driving home. I thought “that’s no fun? he’s crazy!“
This morning I packed up Silver (my car) with all my stuff and drove to Wyoming, alone. Not for just 1 race but for 3 races in 2 days. So am I crazy?... I know that racing in a pro-1-2 field after being here at elevation for only 9 days and racing over a mountain that stretches up to 10,500 feet might seem like I am in fact crazy! Well maybe, but when I saw this race the description, etc, I couldn’t pass it up.
I don’t think I am crazy. I have a friend. Good friend. His name is Tom. He is know in many circles as “Crazy Tom”. People always will ask, “why do you call him crazy tom” the answer is always the same. “because he really is fu#%* crazy” you have to know him for a bit before you see it but when you do its unmistakable. I’m not quit there. Actually if anyone has any EK really is crazy stories send them my way. I’ll check if there appropriate.
check out the race repot!
more coming soon!

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