Thursday, June 22, 2006

First big ride

So I have done a few longer rides with plenty of climbing. But today a tock off early and headed out for the local classic. I headed north to left hand canyon. About 45’ for me.
the climb is long but not to steep. 3% maybe, 14 miles, kicks up in a few places but pretty chill. chill yeah but after an hour of going up it gets to yah.. around mile 8 or 9 I started to get real tired. My HR was climbing faster than I was and the legs were really feeling last nites group ride. That’s another story. Put it this way. Cross winds suck!

Anyway I pulled my self together and started to feel better. After 14 miles of climbing I got to “the climb”. the last 2 miles (for a total of 16 lung busting miles) get steep. 8% maybe? its hard to tell when your at 9000+ feet. Finial I got to the peak to peak highway. A sweet road that runs north/south on the ridge of the mountains from Estes Park to… not sure but south of Denver I think. There are a few mountain towns along the way. Interesting towns. I cruised along the P to P for 15 miles to Nederland and stopped for some drink and the biggest, juiciest, most ridiculous muffin I have ever seen or heard of! It could have feed Guam, or a hungry, un-acclimatized cyclist pretending to be pro. Actually I had to put half off it in my pocket and that half barely fit!
ok so now back down another canyon towards boulder, 17 miles. On the way I lost the magnet for my computer… not really important but I was pissed. Getting back near town I tock a detour off the decent to find some more climbing. I did about 15- 20 more minutes of hard up hill riding and called it good. Time to go home.
I need to get a camera cell phone because the riding and views here are out of this world! You just can’t even imagine.
I am still deciding as to whether I should go to this race in WY. The dead dog stage race the race seems made for me and I hate to pass up an opportunity to race a cool race but it could be ugly. Real ugly?
more to come.

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