Friday, June 16, 2006


yes i am here!! nice morning view, ehh!

so some job searching, following up, etc.
finally got out for a ride with some cooperate types, wanted to make sure i wouldn't push myself to hard. and my shifter broke! what! I soon realized that working at a bike shop, knowing where everything is, how to get there and knowing 90% of the people in Mass had its benefits. and those benefits are all gone.
so 3 bike shops later I found someone willing to warranty it for me in under a week. sweet! if I were home i could have done it all in 10 minutes. But I’m not there any more and these are times of change.
also i consider my self a pretty good mechanic. not great but i can handle most anything on a road bike. all well and good when you have a bike stand, all the tools one could ask for, parts up the wazoo and other mechanics to ask opinions or help if you need it. "Bamb! done better than new. actually I’m glad my shifter broke."
yeah, being a good shop mechanic and a bending over kneeling on cements floors, holding the bike with one hand, working 2 other tools with the other while trying to re-cable ones nine speed shifter onto there 10 speed race bike with old frayed cables a leatherman, and cracked shifter housing... very different. not such a "good" mechanic any more!
i did manage to finish the job and went out or a nice chill ride around town. tried to keep it on the flat because any uphill makes me cry for my mother and ride like a cat 6 girl! no offence ladies I love you all. The altitude is a bit more than i thought but really not to bad.
A few notes on boulder:
-I had heard that western folk are easier to make friends with but they don't ever become true friends. Like they'll never help you move. Not true. I have had 2 people ask me so far “you need help with that?” just passers by and a neighbor.
-every one is good looking. Even the people that aren’t good looking are still kinda good looking. Basically for you Boston people, Boulder puts the Harvard and BU campuses to shame! -people stop at yellow lights? This was confusing to me at first but I’ll get the hang of it.
-people in cars yield to cyclist? this is even more strange. I have had several people in the middle of rush hour stop at every inopportune places to let me and others pass? Again this isn't all computing yet but when I have it sorted out I’ll let you know.

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