Tuesday, May 30, 2006

jers, day 3

Another crit?! why did we come down here?

We came here because the money is big the competition is bigger and the races are some of the longest running races on the east coast. Still this it’s a crit, myself and the team can only expect so much out of our self’s. Right in down town Somerville. Closed streets hundreds and hundreds of spectators and temperatures approaching the 90’s made for quite a day. The cat 2 team had high hopes but with 140 guys in the field many of them who had not raced the last 2 day and spent most of there training/ racing in central park banging handle bars made for difficult work for the kenda Raleigh boys. Still $100 in prims and having everyone avoid the 3 crashes was a success in my eyes. The pro race looked like tourcher. Not the speed so much but the field was bigger than ours and over twice and long! It was fun to watch but I’m not a spectator and while the beers were good it wasn’t long before I was yelling tactics and time gaps to my teammates racing. The weekend as a whole was great. Hangin with the team was fun and… interesting as always. On a personal note the legs felt good. I was recovering well in the races and between each day. I road hard and it felt good. my spring season is coming to aclose ad I was a bit retrospective on the way home. I am moving to CO. While this move is very exciting and a new, large chapter in my life and I can’t wait to read... it is scary. I am leaving the security of New England which I have had my entire life. I love my job and my team. I will be back and forth a bit this summer for races, etc… but still, home base is changing and that’s scary. But…. ONWARD! Even better adventures await! Next…

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