Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Racing Racing and more Racing...

what IS up with the wind this spring!! Everyday its blowing, every single day! I have kinda had it... of course as soon as the wind stops it will 98 degrees and I’ll be complaining about that even more. I guess I’ll take the wind for now.
lots of racing lately sorry it been a while since my last entry. I have been really busy. My training log is also a bit behind but I will get that updated soon. The double race weekends do wear on me. Everything, the travel, getting ready the mental strain and obviously the physical cost.
last weekend saw the team at the Turtle pond RR and Adelphia grand prix. Turtle pond went pretty well. We placed 2 men in the winning move which went from the gun and got 6th and 9th from the break and 10th 11th 12 and 13th from the field. Not bad. Adelphia was quite a small field. 40 or so. The rain that never came kept everyone home I think. you might think the small numbers would make for an easy race. Wrong. Nowhere to hide. I tried to "sit in" once I was off the back chasseing. and with 8 of the junior national Canadians there it was one of the harder efforts I have done this season. 55 miles of intervals. Ouch! So after about 42 miles of purgatory one the Canadians got a 1 minute gap. A few miles later 7 of us got away, 2 of which where fellow Canadian team mates and sitting of course. We ignored them and drove to the line. I was feeling the efforts of the weekend and decided that attacking before the line would put me in 8th place for sure so I tock it to the line. I timed it all pretty well as the break was starting to shatter but still got nipped on the line by the 2 Canadian guys in the break. I was a little disappointed that I didn't have enough for 2nd place but I realized that they had 9 guys, we had 3 and all despite that 4th place ain't bad.
So I was happy and so were everyone’s our wallets.
this past weekend had us all racing both days again. Sturbridge RR on Saturday and Palmer on Sunday. Sturbridge was… kinda silly. A fast course, easy to sit in and negative racing at best. The course made it hard to get away and with everyone waiting for Mark McCormick to attack and then franticly chasing him made for a rather boring race.
Sunday was still on the negative side and seemed easier than the last few year’s but none the less it played out very well for our team with Joe getting the big win. We did manage to make the race hard enough for a break of 10 or so to slip away in the last 10-15 miles. With Joe “the man” moody up there with Jay “never stops attacking” Bear we were very content. I’ll spare you the play by play but the whole team road real strong. I felt good. And everyone else looked great!
The double race weekends do wear on me. Everything, the travel, getting ready the mental strain and obviously the physical cost. Back at work today and it feels like I have been gone for a week. Looking forward to my bed again tonight.

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