Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tour of the Gila, Day 1

Windy tough, heavy roads and tactics that made it hard for everyone. Well, some said it wasn’t tough in the pack but I thought it was. I saw Ryan Blew's power file but he is biger than me by alot. I would say i did over 3500Kj's today.

With 25 miles or so to the finish (18 or so to the base of a very nasty finishing climb) a big group, 14, finally got away after a whole race of half ass attempts. When we did hit the climb I felt like my legs had been in an oven for the whole day. You know how you feel when you wake up after sleeping on the beach for 3+ hours that how I felt. But… seems like a few others felt that way too. Up the first kick I was OK. At the front and in control. On the windy plateau there was only 12 guys left or so! OK nice! I thought. I tried to keep it steady. Not long after the finishing 3 miles kicked up I was with one other, then alone. I felt like I was gona crack at any minute but I just kept steady, talking to my self. keep goin EK, just don’t stop, don’t stop.

So 15th on the day. Hopefully the guys in the move burned allot of gas today. Well, more than me. It built my confidence to ride that well. If only that break was pulled back… what would have happened?? I can only hope to keep this up. at the very least its gona be fun.

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