Friday, May 02, 2008

Gila stage 2

The inner loop RR. Today felt like an a 88 mile hilly crit. The way I felt riding across the rolling road over the divide and the huge leg spasm I had at the bottom of the last climb I was very surprised to attack the final selection on the climb in an attempt to bridge to the early 9 man break. Holy run on!! I am tired, sorry.
The head wind was to much and perhaps more so the ridiculous amount of non stop on and off attacking I had to contend with. I wish I was in the break all day I am sure it was easier than what I did. As the 15 man, what was left of the pack, came back to me on the climb the race leader jumped and bridged to the break. I couldn’t respond at the time. Bad for me as I was left to play armature hour trying to chase with 7+ guys sitting on getting ready to sprint for 14th place.
I finished in the top 20 and the lead break was inside 30 sec. a long effort in the break away for 20 seconds, you say, but as I said, the way things went in the pack I think it was easier in the breakaway. Only tomorrow will tell.
I moved up to 12th. today. the TT will be key.

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