Sunday, May 04, 2008

The race of truth

"When I was your age I walked up hill to school both ways."

"The snow was up to my neck back then!"

"when I did the TT at the Gila in 08 there was a head wind on the way out and the way back!"

believe it or not it was kinda like that...

~me trying to kill the pre TT nerves...

After 2 tough days I was feeling surprisingly good. A nice morning spin had me loosened up and I was feeling motivated. I was going into today 12th on GC and with all the TT work I had done I was thinking of moving into the top ten on GC for sure. However, the wind and more so my legs had other things in mind.
A pic here of me warming up. (coming)
my warm up was good but it didn’t deliver, I finished a horrible 30th place. I wasn’t so upset about the placing on the stage but more the fact that I lost 1 placed on GC instead of moving up. the guys that got dropped early lost a lot of time and I am sure had an easier ride than the front 2 groups. I was expecting a good ride from a few of them.

This had me pretty down but a local pooch came by to cheer me up as I laid down out side of our cottage trying to get through my after noon bonk.
Mistakes today…
None really to note. I could have eaten more maybe but I was very nervous and couldn’t put any more down.
The consensus is that our race is much, much harder than last year. I was thinking this but a few peers have come and said it out loud. Our pack that started out with a perfect 70-75 is now down to almost 50. 50 riders makes the pack, what I call, difficultly small. Meaning there is no where to hide. Gaps open a lot and don’t get closed. Case in point on day 2, by the first feed zone we had dropped 25 guys or so which never got back on.

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