Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Client report

NH bassed athlete Alex Indeck competed in the Crank the Kank TT this past weekend.
This is one of the hardest ITT’s in the country. Rising some 2300 feet over 22 miles, the ride starts off with long flat and false flat sections before hitting the final accent of 7 miles averaging about 7%!
Alex executed his race plan perfectly, scoring him a 10th place over all, 3rd in his age group and taking over 2 minutes off his best time despite windier conditions and a heavy field! Nice work Alex!

A letter from the man:
"Even with the wind this year, still cut over 2 minutes from last year’s time. I ended up 3rd place in my age group. I had a strong start, but took about 6-7 miles to get my heart-rate down to my upper tempo zone. I came into the finish with the tanks just about empty so I think timing and effort were good. The training plan worked about as close to perfect as could be. Thanks for a great spring training schedule!!! "

Remember to have fun out there everyone!

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