Monday, August 06, 2007


The new Office.

the cat getting settled...

Since my last Race things have been quite busy. And not race or training busy, life busy!
Lindsay and I have bought our piece of the American dream. The process of buying a home along with moving and trying to keep up with our normally everyday lives proved to be amazingly tiring! We did have some wonderful friends help us move but still my upper body hasn’t ached this bad in years!

So a few announcements:
1. I will be racing the Green Mt stage race, labor day weekend. This race is the best race in the country. I love it there and despite my form waning I am going to give it my best shot. This trip I will also be visiting some curent clients, meeting a few new clients and hosting a training seminar and doing the best man thing at my dear friends and old teammates wedding! should be a whirlwind trip!

2. Going full time: This fall I will be taking the plunge and going full time with coaching.
It has been a long time… well, forever since I really knew what I wanted to do as a profession. I now know. The 2007 season for my clients and my coaching was fantastic. I have had several clients with big wins. A Rider who went from not being able to finish any races to placing 11th and riding strong for most of the season in new England as a cat 4 rodie. With many triathlons complete and goals meet I still anxiously await for my client of the year to crush Ironman Florida.
Not only did he and his wife have another child but he also changed jobs that require traveling every other week! This has made his summer a big challenge in more than one way, but we are all looking forward to his big day.

New for 2008: I am sponsoring a solo RAAm, Race Across America, racer. Tim Case and I are very excited to take on this huge challenge together. Tim was on the 3rd place “team” last year and is looking for more good things in the races 2008 edition.

Focusing my energy and time to coaching will allow me to give all of my clients the best possible training, advice, guidance and leadership possible. I am looking forward to learning and growing into an ever better coach in 08.

3. Another item our main man Patrick McCrann has been working on.
Check it out the beginnings of Endurance Nation.

More to come stay tuned!

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