Thursday, August 23, 2007

Road trip Part 2a & 2b, Maine

Seeing some friends and meeting up with Lindsay in Portland ME has been very nice.
I saw a few clients and meet some others coming to my seminar.
The riders in the Portland area are... Solid I guess is the word. I went to the local Tuesday night tear your legs off ride and I have to say it was hard group riding at its best! a few small ring hills, long fast flats and an extremely solid pace. The sea level people can ride hard too!
After 90 minutes of guessing if we were going to turn left or right while riding in the middle of a
30 mph pack I went back to meet up with my better half and our friends. That night we drove north to spend some time in a place so spectacular. This old fishing town has some true character. Hours slip by with out me even realizing it.
The ocean is mesmerizing.

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