Sunday, August 26, 2007

Road Trip part 3.

I was the best man in my dear friend Joe's wedding. Past teammates we were. The time spent here in town was great and the wedding its self went off very very well despite some raging heat and humidity. its funny how life can come back around on you some times.

Andrew Knight:

Andrew's first bike race was the Bow NH RR. he won. that same race was my first race as well. I came in 4th. For years after that race I followed Andrew at every race looking for the move he would undoubtedly make on a hard climb. He became one of the best climbers and stage racers on the east coast. I never spoke to him until I finally started racing in the P-1-2 category with him. He was a very stern faced guy ready to tear you legs off on any ride. And I quickly found out he is also one of the nicest, funniest, care free guys in the world.

That next year I was asked to be on his team. We are now great friends. He is retired now from competitive cycling but still made it up from Atlanta for the wedding of "our" fellow teammate.

Gustovo Cini:
THE man of cycling in the Boston area. When I first started riding a bike I was told to watch and listen to him. I didn't really listen to that advise but low and behold after a few years of banging handle bars at racs all over New England here we are... great friends.

The non racing time in VT has really made me appreciate friends and family even more.
Now if I can get some rest maybe I can survive some of the hardest 4 days of non NRC racing there is. The GMSR

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