Monday, July 23, 2007

14 x 2

This weekend was the mt Evans hill climb. After forgetting my shoes I found a nice couple with extra mtb shoes and pedals. So all was not lost. A little stress and no warm up later we were flying along with the Tom D. train riding at 25MPh up the first 5 miles of the 28 mile climb.
You would think that I would not pleased with 25th place and I’m not really. But still I feel, shoes debacle and all, I rode fairly well. The first 40 minutes were fast hard racing and I rode very aggressively. Trying to get into a group just up the road I had myself red lined pretty much the whole time. I guess I paid for that? While never really cracking I did get passed by 4-6 riders after I settled into my rhythm, unusual for me.
The following day was a prim chance for me to get in solid training but I opted to do the double.
The double. two 14ers in 2 days. Me, Lindsay and some other friends climbed Mt. Bierstadt. One of the easier 14ers but still tough. And after the race and a late night out my legs were screaming on he way down. It was awesome being up that high again! You can see the road up mt Evans from the summit of Bierstadt, pretty cool. The peak in the back ground here is Mt Evans
A great weekend.

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