Monday, March 13, 2006

the ride

Day one, 3-11-06. Well, we're here. we drove all through the nite. Which wasn’t so bad. 5 guys trading off 2-3 hr shifts pretty smooth. The sucky part was not being able to sleep. That blew. We had the back bench laid out of one to sleep well. I finally grabed it in the the am hours which was well needed. So after we finally got here we did some unloading and headed out for a “loosen up ride”. after 30’ hit the a climb not so bad 20 minutes or so we kept it pretty chill, level 3 or so HR was around 170, maybe higher if I stood up for a section. Felt good. After we all regrouped at the top we flew down the nicest decent I have ever been down! Banked turns!! There are lots of motorcycle riders out here as well. The Harley kind and the crotch rocket kind, and I can see why. the roads are truly amazing and the seanery matches. I got a lot of “Deliverance” jokes before I came down here, and we have definitely seen that abit, but, all in all the people are amazing and drivers very respectful, roads you dream about and breathtaking scenery. So we are all very happy. The nick names have already stated. Joe our team manager and maybe one of the strongest most talented rides around is now know as 140. he has the name due to his strick training program this winter. He is not allowed to have his HR go over 140. Ever. And if you meet Joe it wouldn’t take you long to realize that he is a very meticulous and detailed man. So 140 it is. Ok back our ride the 2 hr leg loosener that turned into 4. After the drive and then the ride on which no food was brought we were pretty kicked. Dinner was large and the hot tub, yes HOT TUB, was wellcome. It will be our savoir this week.
140 made dinner and it was great. More tomorrow!!

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