Thursday, March 09, 2006

getting ready to turn it up

I have had a nice relaxing week off looking at my new bike! Check out the pic.
it is sow nice. Its been a bit tempting to go out and hammer but I have been pretty tired after last weeks training. Really tired. We all know the importance of resting however some times you need to take it to the extreme. The road racing season is long, hard and unforgiving. A friend of mine told me awhile back that after a hard winter of training a long time off is really important,"yeah yeah" I said "I take some rest weeks." "No, he said total off the bike. Don't look at it until all you can think about is riding! It keeps you up at night, and your heart rate jumps up with the slightest thought of racing!"
I woke up last nite sweating. I had some dream can't remember any details really some one was yelling encouragement at me from a car and I was in full time trial mode. I had to go watch TV for 30 minutes and calm down at 2am. so... I think rest time is served!
We head out tomorrow for GA. I can't wait. 7 days of nothing but training, eating, and more training. Through in some good company, bad movies and a some hot tube time, that's my idea of time away from work!! I have been training well. nothing crazy but allways working on specific areas. Many of my weaknesses and keeping my strengths my strengths. just slowly improving and getting ready for this trainning camp so that i can come out of it strong and not begging for mercy. This trip will feature lots of climbing. And lots of miles. There are sure to be some days with 8000+ feet of vertical. I'll be posting everyday with pictures, well trying to, so check it out. Also I will have specific details of the rides and training in my "training log" in my links!

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