Thursday, March 16, 2006

Day 5, rest day:

A bit more “rest” than the last one. A real relaxed breakfast and a movie. I forget the name. its on Gilberto Simoni’s Giro win on 2003. pretty exciting stuff. Being inside the team bus, and lots of behind the seen’s clips. Another recovery ride today. Nice and easy still 4 hr and 7000 feet of elevation gain. The weather is still great. Cool and sunny. Some real back country roads today. About an hr. of riding today on dirt roads.
Pics: here lare some pictures of the trip so far for your enjoyment.
getting ready to go.
us recoverying in the hot tube.
some mountains.
the normal terrain arount here.
Us Pirating wireless internet, etc...

I should take a second to mention our sponsors. Not because I have to but because I am really happy to have them all. They really do make a difference.
Kenda Tires: so nice I have only ridden the training tires so far but they handle so well and are rather light for being so durable. They are also supporting us financially which has made this trip possible and will hopefully make our success this yr possible.
Raleigh Bikes: so nice I think I mentioned this before. Full carbon, sweat ride, not much else to say.
Clif Bar: I was really happy to hear that we had cliff bar on board. Simply because there the best. Gel shots, drink mix, recovery drink, and bars, I would use this stuff even if we had a different sponsor.
Rudy project: I have to say that my old sun glasses I didn’t like. Well, upon donning my new shades I realized it was because they had endured 5 yrs and several crashes. One where I landed literally on them. Breaking me 2 front teeth, and was lucky not to break my jaw. It still hurts. These new shades rock! Light weight, very comfortable, polarized lenses, and most important. They look good!
Blackburn: you train more than you race and they make training that much better. Pumps, the nicest cyclometer I have ever used. The pumps have already come in handy ironically to the one wheel that didn’t have a Kenda tire on it? I think we were riding single file?
Louis Garneau: the best clothing and accessories there are its that simple… And all of our other sponsors, they really do keep us going, and they are all very important.

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