Saturday, March 18, 2006

Last one

Day 7, Recovery another long recovery day. 3:45 and 65miles. Another nice day and I was feeling the weeks efforts. We road a steady pace on the climbs and I dropped back towards the top on all 3 of them. My Hr was very low and I thought that I had better take it easy rather than dig a whole for my self. I feel I am coming out of this week stronger than I have ever been and I can not wait to test it out in the races to came very soon.
This trip has been wonderful. The scenery, cows, goats, mountains, the descents that go forever and the climbs that go further. Our tan lines are in full form now and I hope they do there job, intimidation. Its funny when I first started racing my cycling mentor, Todd, was calming me down before an early season race. I was getting very intimidated by almost every one. He said, “No, No Eric, don’t worry about them. Your strong. The guys you need to worry about are the ones that show up in April with matching bikes and tan lines”. And now… that’s me. It makes me feel really honored to have come full circle like that. I’ll miss a lot about this trip. Our friendly dog that lives down the road from us, greeting us every day. His wrinkly face flapping in the wind, tong hanging out. I’ll miss the gas station lunches. The animals, the southern charm, the slow mornings and the hot tube that greeted us at the end of every ride. I miss the company of my teammates although I miss Lindsay very much. I’ll miss worrying about nothing else but trying to figure out how I will get my body up to the task of riding yet another brutal course for yet another day.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are ready to go. It will be nice to meet everyone, and please take it easy on me.

Anonymous said...

You guys look like you're trying to re-enact Brokeback Mountain.