Tuesday, March 14, 2006

day 3, recovery day

Sorry if some of my sentences don’t make sense, today or the past few entry’s, if there seems to be more typos than normal. Its busy and I’m tired. I tell you what pro’s DO NOT have an easy job. 6 hr rides fill the day up pretty fast. 1hr to get ready before, 1hr after to stretch, message, and eat. That’s 8 hrs. and if your doing that 9hrs of sleep is a bare minimum.
nice slow pace today. Still 5200 feet of climbing but we all kept it pretty easy. Its amazing riding with a group a guys who are ALL amazing riders. I mean people that really know how to ride well. Some think, “its riding a bike, I have been doin that since I was 6”, while they adjust there belt below there gut a little. But even the athlete thinks this some times. I can ride! I did 5:10 at lake placid Ironman. Yeah that’s great. those people are very strong and talented. What I mean is, for example, we headed out on a steadying rolling terrain but gaining altitude. We averaged over 20mph and my HR never went over 145. Never. And I’m saying this to say I’m super strong. Or that my teammates are. The pace line was just so smooth. No wasted energy, no accelerations, slinging shooting each other up little hills, it all adds up. It doesn’t seem like you are going any faster it certainly wasn’t hard, but the momentum never stops and never slows. We did 17.9 mph today and I feel great. There is something to be said for technique on the bike and it more than your pedal stroke. Teammate spotlight:Jay Baer: cat 1, lives in VT. This guy is dangerously unassuming. Real nice guy. Always has this little smile on his face like he knows something you don’t. And I’mstarting to think he does? . Dark hair and facile hair. Riding slow this trip as he is looking at a long, long season of racing and looking to be in top form later in the season. Many of you may have read my race report on the ½ ironman I did with about 3 weeks of training after my road racing season. Pretty cool huh, I’m a bad ass, right? This guy did an Ironman 1 week after his racing season and pulled down a 10:30! This guy is the real deal. 10 years of racing and riding and over 100,000 miles! That’s consistency for yah.. He doesn’t talk about races he won or almost won, and with his crooked right leg, heal sticking out and skinny biker arms, you would never know it. But this guy is not only efficient and strong but smart. You don’t win pro-1-2 races on strength. You’ve got to be strong and smart and he got it both. I am pumped to be riding with him, and everyone else, this week. I will learn a lot. And that started today actually. My descending skills are really bad so to day we did a few descents with me leading everyone else behind riding the breaks and Jay Baer behind talking me through it. I’m already better. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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