Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spring training

It doesn't take long for your view to turn into this when riding east from Boulder. In fact the other day when it was an unusual cloudy day with a bit of bite in the air I was pretty unmotivated to ride. Tired from training, busy with coaching, etc…

The sun came out for about 10’ and I jumped. Felt OK after I got going but after some time of dosing off in a tail wind on my TT bike I looked up and saw this. “What the ?!” I had no clue where I was. Nebraska? Kansas? Well the views were nice and it wasn’t to cold… After checking wind patterns, bird migration and some earth contours I figured out where I was and headed home.

Hey Gang! Its spring! Crazy weather time. Snowing one day sunny the next. Raining and cold one day sunny and down right hot the next. Don’t get down about it! Plan ahead!
~plan your training week.
~plan your work and personal week.
~check the weather, adjust…
~plan for the highest QUALITY training possible!

1 day before this it things looked like this!

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