Sunday, April 13, 2008

I always think I am gonna get caught. Always.

I do. Its a genuine fear. Thats how I run. I'm scared. Scared of making a mistake, scared of falling, blowing up, losing, everything.
It keeps me sharp, focuesd the more scared I am the more prepared I become. Its more a respect I have. For the task at hand, the difficulty of racing in 25+ mph winds on a course I don't know, my teammates, every other ride and the sum that is "The Pelaton" you just never know whats gonna happen.

More pics and video updates from the weekend races.

The drive out...

Day 1 win in the road race. The next day my break away companion told me he did just shy of 3000 Kj's and avg. 300 watts over the 2 hours and 45 minute race.

RR podium

our eating room. where we spent most of our time when not racing.

My sleep aid..

This was the best soup I have ever had.

everyone enjoyed it and it was key to our recovery after a long 40 degree, 30 mph windy RR.

Me, hanging on to my main rival in the Circuit race. I was able to drop his teammate while bridging but it burnt a lot of matches. It was worth it. Dealling with one of these guys was hard enough. 2 would have been impossible. The last 45' of the race was a tricky affair of engery conservation and tactics...

This weekend things worked out well. I haven't won a race in some time and while it wasn't the toughest field I have raced in the guy that came in 2nd (whom I was in a 2 man break with for much of the RR) certainly was. Being able to win not the RR but the Circuit race on day 2 as well was something I was not expecting . The team raced well and we took a few more top ten places.

The place we are staying at is pretty sweet! I was expecting to be sleeping on the floor at a frat house but my teammate’s friend has all the fixings. The food and hospitality is over the top. My room even has a sleep enhancer in the room! can't ask for more than that!

race reports coming soon!


kelly and tammy ruddick said...

Way to go Champ!! Two man break, scores tough guy points in any book! can't wait for the play by play. Ruddick

The Mosher's said...

Good job, Eric. You are still #1 in our racing book even though you soooo far from us.

Bonnie in Litchfield, CT