Friday, May 04, 2007

What could have been.

While being dragged up to what was to be “the break” of the day the legs didn’t feel great. And with lots of interest in winning today, the potential of big time gaps I figured it wouldn’t stick. I was wrong. It did make it. I’m not sure on the final out come but I will I’ve a quick play by play. My legs felt like crap when I awoke and had on and off sensations all day. but this is my thing so I kept positive. We had a long bout of a coffee shop ride at mile 50 or so and the break went from 4’ up to 11. yeah not good. I road up front most of the day and the big rollers coming into the final climb were nt as bad as I had imagined. We drove my car out there last night for a ride back today. Yeah. Being a pro would be nice!
As we hit the climb my legs felt heavy but I stayed with the front group as we hit the lat 3 miles that kick up something fierce on a horrible road I felt good. I stayed in the top 10 but soon a group of 4 or so drifted away. I slipped back then passed people. As I approached the last mile or so I realized I was just not on a special day. which is to bad because I feel I would have done very well, but… what could have been right…
maybe it was the driving, maybe it was the heat and maybe i didn't hydrate enough? but I'm not one to make excuses, somthing you feel like a nut... sometimes you don't... tomorrow is anew day, you never know.

I finished 23rd in th eend with the break making it. The race leader lost big time today. Finishing way down. I think its wired that someone can go so fast and so good in a TT as hard as ours was and crack that bad in a race like today. It happens I guess this is bike racing. This really is bike racing at its best.

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