Friday, May 04, 2007

Gila day 1 Real Time.

One would think that with only 39 minutes of racing to do today it would be a relaxing rest up, get things done day. Nope! 90’ ride in the am, to preview the course, then sigh in.
Back home, breakfast # 2. the big one. TT bars make sure bike in all set, etc… get drinks ready and finally drive down to the start. Now we persevered the course to one see the course the hills and the win . the wind here will be the key factor. With a 4 miles down hill to the finish you need to nail your excretion level. If it’s a tail in the final you can empty the tank early if it’s a head wind you will need to save more gas. Our ride proved useful as the head coming back the last 6 miles was stiff. We will need to save something. However upon warming up the win d had shifted to a cross wind. This would make the way out AND the way back tough going, Ok recalibrate, or do I? some times, well, all the time in bike racing and triathlon we need to be prepared to re-think, re-calibrate and changes plans in real time.
.The Start. My warm up was solid and I was supper motivated. The wind now seemed to be coming head on? What! At 6000 feet+ the wind sudden rain storms and umm the wind is every changing and very unpredictable. I looks for signs of wind direction and tried to worry about the fact my 30” man had now caught me. He was on my “watch list” then I saw it a truck driving down the climb with a flag on it. The flag was not blowing in the wind! TAIL wind! I thought and all I could do was hope it stayed that way. I started to push a bit more and played at bit of shoulder to shoulder with my 30” man. Approaching the half way mark I led him and passed to people, through the turn, he came by me and we passed more riders. No drafting being had here. Officials every where and I’m just not a cheater.
Up the steep climb I dropped him as the wind ripped me apart for the side. “Come on wind, just a little lulled for me on the last 4 miles down to the finish.
There was, or just enough. I hammered the 53-11. a few times I got over 42 mph or so I tucked and sat on my top tube. Until I slowed to 40 back in the saddle, everything I had. With 500m to go my 30” man was back getting his disk going he had got back up to me but I was to proud to let him cross the line ahead of me. I gave it everything. He still beat me but… its just principle…
In the end I came in 22nd not as well as I had hoped but this is the big one for cat 2’s and it seems everyone has come to play.

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