Sunday, May 06, 2007

What could have been part 2.

This time it was just bad luck. The early break again went away and stayed away. the wind and roads here are heavy. very heavy so it gets discouraging in the pack. very hard to get away, very easy to sit in. I tried bridging to the break but it was to late. I was picked up on the decent of the first climb. right into the second and we were flying. the 5280 boys were laying down some serious tempo. down the very technical decent and on the to long dragging roads over the continental divide. upon reaching the base of the last climb the wind was un real, and the climb was much steeper, steadier and longer than I think most expected. I road third wheel the whole time and was feeling good, much better than yesterday. as the climb flatten out I attacked. still very hard to get away. the last 8 miles or so were rolling down hill into the yes brutal head wind. More attacks went and my legs were responding well.
hammering along we knew now that the break would make it but I was feeling good and thought that after a hard stage the long gradual uphill drag to the finish would suit me. BAMB! flat. and it was me.
after a not so smooth change I was drafting the wheel truck at 52 mph. back to the caravan but with 90+ cat 2 riders now smelling the finish line I just couldn’t close the finial meters. in the end I got the same time. but a missed opportunity for sure. a very nice course today, however and a very very hard day.

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