Saturday, May 19, 2007

Heart, Soul, Legs and Balence

Last weekend I had a bit of a decision on my hands. Reading this it may seem easy to see the right choice. When I have clients come to me with similar forks in the road I normally give great advise. But sometime it can be hard to see the forest through the trees.
One week after the Tour d’ pain and bad luck I should be flying. And I felt, mummmm, OK. My recovery ride on Wed. was nice and there wasn’t much other riding.
However I felt pretty rough on Thursday and Friday was worse. I chalked it up to simply work and after a nice 20 mile warm up ride I would be tearing the legs off of anyone who got in my way, Right? Wrong. Even worse Lindsay’s friend was in town and after the 10+ hour drive home after the 105 mile breakaway in stage 5 and working 3, 10 hour days it was a perfect weekend Not to race. But… with 100 dollar prims every other lap, the opportunity for my “good legs” to get a result and the team looking for my support I had to go.
It was the worst decision I have made since moving to boulder.
I was miserable. And I beat my self up over it the rest of the day and my legs, which by now would be feeling great after a weekend of no racing and another recovery ride are still not 100%.
Sometimes it can be hard to know just who to listen to, your heart, head or body. And sooner or later you will listen to the wrong one or with all the yelling you won’t hear any of them. The only thing one can do is learn from there mistakes. So here is one of mine so you don’t have to make the same one.
We all need balance in our lives. A good friend of mine used to tell me that all the time. “dude balance, you gota have balance” I always agreed with him but never practiced it as much as him. It really is the key. Even if you’re a pro. You gota have balance dudes and dudets, you gota…

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