Monday, August 28, 2006

Ok back to me.

I will be off to the mother land starting tomorrow. That’s right New England. And I would be lying if I said I am not thinking about my hematocrit levels, the training I have been doing and the people I have been rubbing handlebars with in local races and training rides. This past Tuesday I did the local hammer ride and it was quite interesting. Many, many pro’s Scott Moniger being only one of the countless piston legged monsters throwing down a 28 MPH avg on the ride. I felt good and was even up at the front a bit… I hope that my legs are good. real good. and I hope that will help some on my team to some great results. Whether its me or not I don’t care. I just want to ride like I never have before.
Today was the Longmont Crit. 6 turns and quite fast. 29 MPH. It was the speed of the Tour of CT crit if that helps. I’ll save you the race report because there isn’t much to report. That is until someone got bit loose in the rear and tock a digger in turn 3. looked nasty and I got a good up close view but I was lucky enough to power-slide past the wreckage and chase back on. The speed was pretty sick . 30+ on the finishing straight mage it really hard for me or any normal person to move up. My 12 sprocket wasn’t working that well either, not that I am a master at turning that gear anyway…
I finished with the pack and felt really good. the last 10-15’ started to hurt a bit. But I felt good. confident. I road to the race with a local friend Dan from the Wild oats team and back with Lindsay. Pretty nice day all around, good weather, cool some passing showers but we stayed dry, rubber side down and hey, its CO.

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