Thursday, August 10, 2006

First Client Win!!

This past weekend in New Hampshire Darcy McGuire ripped away from the field after 38 grueling miles on the hilly course of the Bow Central NH road race. McGuire covered many attacks during the race feeling that the winning move could go at any time. As the final 500 meter uphill sprint drew near no move had escaped but the field was whittled down to less than 10 souls due to the brutal pace and hilly nature of the course.
"I had so much snap today, my legs felt like never before! it was unbelievable!" Darcy said after the race.
Eric and Darcy have been working closely since winter in what is her first year of racing. Darcy has had many other great results but the big win has eluded her. Not any more.
I want to congratulate her on a great ride. Lots of hard work and ultimately her spur of the moment decision making made win possible. NICE JOB DARCY!!

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