Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Floyd and the quote

So as we know another one of our great American cyclist has fallen victim to... well something.
I am not going to start a debate about it. For the record I believe him. I do not think he doped. it just doesn't make sense. and I would suggest that if anyone feels them self’s ready to place blame or judge, you should first take the time to educate your self on the matter. Completely.

My quote on the top of my opening page is from Floyd. I put it up there some time ago. When he was still with Postal I think? Recently, during the Tour I thought of changing it. Just because. to freshen things up a bit. Now I have had more than one of my friends confront me and say "maybe you should take that down? don't want to portray the wrong thing." and there right.
I don't. so...

I am leaving it. One, because it’s just a "Quote".
Two, I don't know Floyd, he might be the nicest guy in the world, he might be an ass? bottom line is I don't judge. Even if he did do it I would not and will not judge him or anyone else for it. and until I have a wife, kid, mortgage on a house land, and every sports fan of an entire nation baring down on me will I judge.

this is why I will leave the quote, I’ll put some others up on a daily page when I think of or hear some good ones.

All for now. big week of training. I have to go lay down.

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