Saturday, January 28, 2006

Set back or Opportunity

Every set back is an opportunity in disguise right? That’s what I always say, that’s what I preach to my clients, and that’s what I practice. Always. However sitting here the day after surgery on a hernia I am finding the “opportunity” is difficult to find. However I will find it and I will be sure to let you know. Lets back up. Yes I had a Hernia. Not a bad one. It didn’t really hurt. But I could tell what it was and that it wasn’t good. It got worse, slowly. But it was enough for me to make some quick doctor apt. to confirm my condition. I saw the surgeon, he answered my questions. Then asked me.” So, when would you like to do this?” “ I’m free right now.” I said. I wanted this over with. Its almost Feb. and I have no time to be laid up on pain killers. So 3 days later I was lying on a table in a very scary room with 3 doctors and 1 surgeon. “hey eric, what do you do for work? so have you done that caner fund raising ride in blah blah?” have you blah blah blah…” ”hey” I say with confusion, “ did you already put some medicine in my IV?” “yup I did Eric how are y&^%$*” the next thing I know I am sitting up right with my mother and the surgeon talking about something irrelevant, feeling like I just got kicked in the gut 100 times. I tock it upon my self to shave before surgery. Hope they liked that? They say a hernia operation is as minor and routine as you can get. Well I say putting drugs directly into your blood stream that one make you black out immediately, not feel needles of Novocain being pumped into your leg and abs and make you not remember anything, even when I was supposedly wide awake! Not minor. Not routine. Basically some woman who I don’t even know had my life literally at her finger tips. Forget to carry the 1 in her equation, done. Sweat dreams EK. Ok enough drama I’m soar, I passed out this morning walking around the house. I’ll live. The nurse asked me if I was nervous or scared. I paused long. Looked up and said “a friend of mine is beating breast cancer right now. She had months of chemo, 2 surgery’s and radiation. I have no right to be either!”
My training: I needed a rest anyway. Last week was solid. The weekend long and I felt strong. I figure I could use 4 days off or so to begin with. I am hoping I can starting riding, EASY, on the trainer after 7-9 days. After that I will have to be conservative and build into it. I am hoping to heal fast. I’m fit I’m young, I can do it. Stay posted. For now the training journal will be filled with stuff like 10’ walk! Gona try and knock one of those out now.
stay strong.

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KP said...

a client of mine just hernia surgey about 3 weeks ago. he is back at in in 7 days, doing Sprints by the 10th day. You will be fine. Be patient, enjoy some down time.