Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I love Vermont. Its a great place. Every time I have been there the weather has been perfect, good food and great people seem to follow me around. I love it there. This weekend was no different except in the case of the weather. A large group of us went up to the Warren, Waitsfield area, home of the great Green Mt. stage race, for some skiing. Both down hill and x-country, But I also brought running shoes and a Mt. bike. This way I covered all of the possible scenarios of weather conditions and would enable me to get in some kind of workout.
Well, with 50 degrees and rain on sat. followed by 5 degrees and snow on Sunday the training was not for the faint of heart. Friday started of with a strange sort of water polo for an hour or so which completely wore me out. after that I headed out on the bike and climbed app gap. (the prologue side) for those of you familiar with the race. It wasn't any easier with the Mt. bike gearing. After an hour or so I meet up with my friends at the local health club, which has an indoor rock wall. I soon discovered that most of my climbing skills were still there but that strange power and endurance that used to allow me to hang on my arms for an hour or more was gone. Completely. So after a few grunts yelling at each other, and some good laughs we called it quits for the day.
We did some more yelling at the TV as the Patriots decided not to show up for a playoff game. That sucked! but they had a rough season. Next year.
Sunday we awoke to temps in the negative, snow and winds around 30 MPH. Perfect! I thought. After discovering that all the x-country places were closed because there was more ice than snow I drank a few more cups of coffee and headed out on the Mt. bike again. Riding up app gap and Mt. Ellen was even harder than yesterday, but I plowed on. The cars were nice, always giving me enough room. I got a few thumbs up and looks from people that said "you crazy mother f*&%*!!!
It wasn't long before my feet were numb and my legs burned with fatigue from riding up hill in the snow on an old Mt. bike.
What a weekend! Not ideal, just trying to make the best of what I got. My arms still hurt.

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