Sunday, February 12, 2006


Many of you have probably heard the recent news about Tyler Hamilton and his appeal being over ruled again. He will be eligible to race after 9-22-06, if I understand correctly. I am deeply saddened by the news as I am sure that many of you are as well.
There has been so much said on this case, and the events leading up to this day. I feel that there is not much more to say and there for I offer no other opinion than I believe in Tyler and if he says I didn't do it then I believe him.
So... A message to Tyler, I guess I should write in his gust book as I am sure it gets more hits than this rant, but non the less.
Tyler, keep fighting. Race again please! I want to see you race and so do thousands of others. Ride and race again to show the CAS there wrong, show everyone especially the cheaters that riders can win clean, show the people that don't believe in cycling that it can be done and be done clean. You deserve more and while there is more to you coming back to the racing scene than I can even begin to fathom, please try.
Any one can be a good cyclist, anyone can be a great athlete. It takes a bit more to be humble and great. It takes even more to be humble, great and give back to the community and the world. And, it takes something that very few people in the world have, to be humble, be great, give back, and over come great adversity. If there is any one that is capable of doing this its you.

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