Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter training methods and tools webinar follow up

There were some 1000 people that registered for the webinar we did via training peaks last week.
You can View it HERE

Thanks!  I hope everyone enjoyed it.
Here are few items that we didn't get a chance to discuss or I simply for got to mention.

Tempo work: 
   when you are doing tempo rides run or any endurance focused training one of the keys is being steady and never resting. at all. some times with a new athlete I will have them ride a normal rout at what ever intensity they feel is the "normal" endurance ride effort with one rule. NEVER coast. ever. if spin out on a down hill, use your brakes or simply keep the legs moving despite the 0 pressure on the pedals.
Many find that their "normal" endurance ride just got a whole lot harder. this is also likely where people get the idea from that they can ride for less time on the trainer then if they were to ride out side. I have said this before "there is no such thing as junk miles, just junk training"   this protocol eliminates the fast group rides or group rides/ team rides all together. Again! the team/ group rides are a must, more fun and a nicer way to get  longer hours in. Like the tempo rides, not coasting and being steady is a great way.

Burning fat for fuel, sparing muscle glycogen and loosing weight. 
There was a few questions on burning fat, loosing weight, the fat burning zones, etc. we didn't have time to address. This is simple concept but can be hard to fully and accurately explain.  it is true the lower intensity you work at the more greater % of fat you burn for energy. however, you also burn less total calories.  so for the athlete looking to improve performance or your avg. person looking to loose some weight the idea is to burn calories and become more efficient at burning higher % of fat at higher intensities.  If you want to loose weight you need to burn calories. more calories out then you take in, you will loose weight. Period. there is no magic food. any fancy diet, food, or protocol of what and when to eat must have this calories deficit for one to loose any weight.  
  As I said in the Q&A part of the webinar I would like to learn more and do more research on types of training and methods that can enhance this adaptation. what I do know CONSISTENCY IS KING. if you train consistently, year round, this will improve. After a point this ability will become sport specific. like many things.

The Power of Will. 
when talking of strengths and weaknesses, do not underestimate the power of your will. more than half the time I see athletes excel in an area because they want to. when I first started cycling i wanted to be a good climber. Ride away form my competition in the long road races. so, I trained for that and I soon started to excel in that area. I had zero regard and frankly zero knowledge that I was better suited for shorter efforts and the  longer the event the harder it would be for me. physiologically to do well.   I have heard of a book called "talent is over rated" I have no clue what its about but just by the title I want to read it. Please, DO NOT set goals on what you think your better suited to do. Lets find goals that motivate you, that get you up in the morning and go after those!

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