Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tucson Training camp Re-cap!

The official 2011 training camp trailer.

well every one is in. Home and licking there wounds. the good thing is no one really got hurt.
many miles were ridden TSS racked up, new skill learned and friends were made.

Our last 2 tips for you.

From a Male camper:
"Use lots of chamois cream! I can't TAINT it any more!"
I am still laughing from this one!!

And from Faith:
"make sure your equ. is ready to go!"

This is a great one that i did not think off. Particularly if you are doing an early spring or winter training camp with a bike focus (like this one). I just saw a pic of someones broken stem. It was rusted and looking down right nasty. Too many miles on the trainer led to salt corrosion from sweat. Whoever this was they are lucky they didn't get hurt or hurt some one else!
make sure your gear is top notch!
~Training camp is no time to be dealing with equipment!

and on the note here is the Bonus Number 6 tip.

~Rest up!
This goes along the lines of our article on "Training in Training races".
yes its just training. no need for the 3 week peaking phase but make sure you are rested and ready to get the most out of your training camp experience. Normally we sch. a recovery week or phase just before with a 1-2 opener days before the trip.

5 Must know tips for riding and trainig in Tucson , AZ

1. Bring 2 tubes on every ride and a spare tire in the tool box.
the roads are rough and there are shape rocks/ glass everywhere! it pretty much never rains so if something lands on the road it stays there. make sure your tire are in good shape before you leave!

2. Wear sun screen. even if it's not "hot" out., the sun is strong and you will roast your winter skin fast if your not careful.

3. Ride Mt. Lemmon. what ever it takes this is a must do! don't miss it! check the weather! it was 40's on top, almost 80 in town! so bring some warm clothes!

4. Eat local! Pic below of no-name burrito place. in the parking lot of the Safeway on st. Mary's right by the Riverpark inn. this place is GOOD! cheap and they are very nice!

5. Race in the Tucson Bicycle Classic. even if your a Tri guy/gal doing some mass start racing is great for your cycling ability! the race is fun, safe, and challenging yet not to hard for an early season event.


In the Safeway parking lot on saint Mary's near the Riverpark inn!

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