Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tucson Training camp, Go by feel!

hey all!

Day one of the EK Endurance Coaching Training camp is ON!

Gona have some cool vids and pics of our days training here in Tucson, as well as daily tips from the coaches and athletes. what to do and what NOT to do for your next training camp.

TT warm up in the AM

and the training camp tip of the day:

Some times in the middle of our threshold intervals, long rides, racing our friends up climbs, "the" group ride, we forget to pay attention how we feel. Like, who cares what your power meter says! How does it feel?
Today I tock a chance and went by feel. the first stage of the race here is Tucson is a 3 mile TT. flat then up hill. its short and it hurts! seeing my watts made me a bit worried as I powered up the first hill but I felt good. i said, "i really have no business doing this power for 8 minutes but i'm gona try, it feels like i can do it?" and woldn't you know it. and yes I think without capital leters.
My old 5' max power out put I held for over 8! a bit more actually!
So learn gang! learn your body, learn how it feels when you do this or that.
remember your power meter, that fancy software, HR monitor, all the cool numbers. there just tools. use them right!

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