Thursday, June 25, 2009

Client Results

We have simply to many results to post here. well... maybe not, but more that I am willing to look up and write down right now. BUT...

here are just a few highlighted Results. A big congratulation to the EK Endurance Coaching team!

if i missed you drop me a line!!

Chris Carr: stage 3 Tour of the Gila, 4th
Eric Kenney: stage 4 Gila, 1st
Eric Kenney: stage 1 Gila, 7th

Derek loudermilk: Survived Lance Levi, Horner and more in the Pro event at the Gila
Nathan west: Hugo RR, 1st (upgrade to cat2)
Tim Robinson: in his first bike race ever! 4th
Peter Schimpf: stage 1 gateway omnium, 1st
Lynn Ryland: black bear ½ ironman, 4th in age group. best result ever!
Brandon Eifrid: Teva mt. games XC, 20th.
Brandon Eifrid: angle fire XC – 7th (beat last years time by 8 minutes!)
Chris Long: 5430 Sprint tri, 326th (out of 1154 starters)

Coming up.
RAAm team is almost home, and winning!
IM Mexico
And more!!

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