Thursday, February 05, 2009

Go with the flow.

Some times you have to go with the flow. In winter, or really any time, mother nature, your career, wife, husband, kids, friends, can throw you a curve ball. It snows on your long bike day. Your “inside” week of training is warm and sunny or your warm sunny week that you planed to kill it finally comes and your legs are just not there. In short this is what we call “life happens”. When it does we need to adjust appropriately to meet our most important, long term goals.

Here I am skiing in the Rockies. A great weekend but now I am paying for it and for longer than I thought. The following week, a 60+ degree week, and I am on the couch waiting for the legs to come around. Frustrating? Sure. Being impatient and cracking in my early season sages races, devastating.So go with the flow gang! It is easy to get caught up in the day the week. “I gota get this workout in” do you really? What’s the benefit? What’s the cost? What’s the risk? Ask your self these questions before heading out next time. And have fun!

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