Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Crit racing

The race this week was better than 2 weeks ago. With a bit of a cold coming on I wasn't sure how well I would go...

As you can see from the pic we did get to the sharp end of the race a few times. however with our key man having 130 miles and a 3rd place in his legs from the day before we missed the move. with 4 Toyota United guys in the move and 4 more or so still in the pack in was turning into a "how race critieriums clinic". I did get up front to chase with Stefano for a while but at 30 MPH I can only ride for so long with 1 other guy. After my futile attempts Tommy D. put the hurt on and brought the move back to a within striking distance but it was to late our hour of fun was over.

Not a bad weekend over all Jim “the man” Mohan scored a 3rd place on sat in a rather stacked field. And while we didn’t hit the podium on Easter Sunday we raced well as a team and showed promise for the rest of the summer!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Ride the Rockies

The grand Puba of bicycle rides is inching its way towards us.
Ride The Rockies

This ride is said to be one of the in America if not the world!

time to get in shape for this 435 mile killer ride that will leave you more alive than you thought possible. what a training plan thats more than just, "this many miles this week, that many miles that week"

Complete with documents on training zones and how to get yours. tips for self managment with a training plan and for traveling to and riding at altitude!

check out the "Ride the Rockies training plan HERE

First race today stay tuned for a race report later tonight!!