Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Silverman Triathlon

The Silverman Triathlon took place this past weekend in Epic fashion. As if the usual winds and terrain wasn't enough Mother nature through in a few strong storm cells that saw the 1/2 race delayed for an hour, 3 foot plus swells on the swim that came up out of no where while the full distance racers were half way through the swim. hail, some rain, sun, and some serious wind.
full race report HERE

This is a phrase I have tried to live by for a long time. It is the back bone to EK Endurance Coaching and has served us well. However, when see a veteran with 1 leg or 1 arm or no legs finish this race as the "operation rebound" athletes did... it takes on an even higher meaning.
Checking out the bike course the day before. Where I would have to lay down my big effort to be up there with the leaders.
Vegas! I caught up with a friend that nite and celebrated Las Vegas style!

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