Wednesday, November 05, 2008

VO to the Max!

Yesterday I spent some time with my new company partner, Nick Ranno at the Boulder Performance lab.

unfortunately this time was not spent chatting over coffee and pastries. it involved my getting blood drawn several times, riding to failure with a tube in my month, nose clipped and drooling like a rabid cow.

After the testing was over I sat down with Nick to go over what we had just done. I knew, for the most part, what things would say. However there was much data that I didn't even know was possible to obtained. The usefulness of this info made my mind explode with ideas and it wasn't long before Nick and I were pointing at the data and getting giddy at what this all meant.

My spin scan. a little right leg dominent, nothing major. my hips are a bit twisted and i expected this. Mechelle at Releaf Therapy is working on this issue. A pluss about my pedaling was that it was most efecient AT theshold wattage

A clip of me pedaling around FT wattage.

Last clip of me about 3 minutes from failure. Link to good vid. above. I can't get it to embed? The data that BPL gets from this is remarkable. The ratio of fat to carbs I am burning at any giving intensity! “Gotta be kidding me!” I said to Nick. The implementation of this lactate test and V02 test goes very deep into a long term training plan. I used to think that a VO test is cool But the number it gives is not nearly as trainable as FT wattage and therefore more of a bragging number. However when all of this info is put together it paints the most complete picture of an athlete one can ask for. The bottom line, It’s worth it. Also having Nick, a scientist and former Pro athlete him self, you really get the full experience. He knows what’s its like to be an athlete, and he knows this data inside and out.

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